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hi I'm casiopea, but I usually go by cas. I'm the lizard running this site. I code every once in a while and I hate drawing sooooooo much.

I used to run but I got fed up with seeing so many people straight up stealing my code from my site that I just deleted everything (except for my isopod quiz!!!) and restarted on a new site lol. I absolutely despise code thieves like how hard is it to respect other people and learn to fucking code -___-

something I've been super into since forever are virtual petsites!!! they are my #1 interest in the ever and I spend most of my time on them. there's something about collecting and dressing up little creatures that is so fun to me. I've loved virtual pets since I was a kid and I still do!!

another thing about me is that I love images so much. I spend so much time finding and looking at images. I'm like an image gatherer...or scavenger of sorts. to me, collecting and viewing images is like collecting shiny and pretty rocks to display in your room. my love for images is probably the reason I love collecting trading cards (mostly pokemon cards) and those card based gacha rhythm games. my favorite variety of image are tiny little animated pixels and landscape images! you will find a lot of them here on my site as a reflection of what kinds of images I love the most.

uhhmm my other interests include d4dj, isopods (huge fan of these crustaceans), mob psycho 100 (it changed my life forever), jjba, golden kamuy, chainsaw man, dorohedoro, stationery + stickers, aquatic life, pokemon, collecting things, 80s jpop, flight rising, etc.

my brain is completely blank most of the time + I do fuck all so. to be honest I am just existing out here.

I have many favorite characters but fig cookie is my favorite character ever in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super attached to them, I guess you can call them a comfort character of sorts!! you may find them hidden in places within my site :)

anyway you're welcome to talk to me I have an email right here -----> I love emails and I love talking so if you have any questions send me an email!!!

I also have a discord (@porcellionides) but I don't prefer talking through instant messaging type apps if I don't know you that well. if you're sending me a message thru here please let me know who you are first I don't wanna be message jumpscared

that's all bye

i'll put smth else here..