4/9/23 - falls over and dies

still feeling terrible about everything. have been crying pretty much all day. i don't know what to do. it's the worst thing ever and I don't really have anyone else to talk to anymore...my parents + sister moved away, leaving me almost completely alone here, and my two other friends have also moved away and are far from me as well...not to mention I talk to them every once in a while. he was the person I talked to most consistently, every single day, all the time. whenever something happened and I wanted to share it, I'd tell him. any time a thought popped into my head, I'd tell him. etc. I'm completely on my own now. it's so lonely and isolating...I feel very weak. emotionally and physically. I've completely lost my appetite and don't feel any enjoyment at all anymore. I feel like a dog. stupidly and blindly loyal til the very end, and excitable when the person it loves finally returns. I really am a dog aren't I.

I think this might be my last entry on here for a really long time. I'm not gonna die or anything lol but I don't really have the motivation to continue this site (or do anything else for that matter.) I won't take this site down, I'll just leave it up as a sort of archive. or at least until I can come back to it in the future. if you want to talk to me you're welcome to send me a message thru discord (@porcellionides) or thru my email. I don't really know when I'll return to this site but it will probably be once things have settled down and I am doing a whole lot better.

tomorrow will be the day when things are finally resolved I hope.

goodbye everyone!! :-) I hope to see you all when I'm doing better

hang on guys post cancelled I finally accepted that I'm bisexual after like. months of not knowing how to label myself/staying unlabeled + repressing a lot of feelings IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! GENUINELY. HAPPIEST. this feels so nice...so happy to know that I WAS bisexual after all. my sexuality did a 360 I'm back to where I started AND I'M GLAD! I AM IN FACT ATTRACTED TO MEN GRARRAGGHHHHHHHHHHH will to live has been restored...you will see me around then :-D

28/8/23 - terrible day

well. unfortunately I got broken up with today. it was a little unexpected but honestly I did see it coming. it still hurts though. I was head over heels in love with him, but it seems like he mentally checked out of the relationship long ago. it wasn't until just now that he left me :-( it feels a bit awkward to come here to my blog and talk about this, but any time anything happens I come here to write so. I do still hope me and him can be friends. he's been such a huge part of my life for the past 3 years, and to forget it and throw it away all in one day is really too much.

whatever. I have my bestest friends in the whole world and that's all that matters. they helped me through my day and I am so very thankful for them!!!! talked to my friends for like 4 hours straight today (combined) it was very nice. I am so happy to have people who really care about me :-) I'm also the kind of person who gets over things pretty quickly...my natural state is to be silly and content so I think I will be just fine.

anyway that's pretty much it today *thumbsup* I am god's strongest and silliest warrior. I'll come out of this in one piece :-D goodbyeeeeee

i lied.

it hurts so incredibly much. i still have feelings for him and he clearly doesn't...it will take me a while to recover and get over my feelings but. i really can't express in words how much i love/loved him and how badly i wanted to be with him. i think it was due to me not being able to express my feelings clearly to him that we broke up :-( i meant it when i said i loved him no matter what, and that he genuinely was everything to me. i'm so upset that he didn't see it that way, and when he told me he was no longer into me it felt like a dagger was stabbed through my heart. how could the person i adore so much not love me anymore ? what did i do wrong, what could i do to fix it ? and wishing that i could go back in time and fix the things i messed up on. it hurts so fucking much, this is the most painful thing i've ever been through. much worse than the pain of breaking my ankle, much more worse than any of that. getting over him will be the most difficult thing i've ever done, since i still am very in love with him and am attracted to him. but i will do it!!! i'll get over him for the sake of both of us. i promise.

i'm happy that me and him can stay friends and still talk and act the way that we used to (besides you know, the romantic aspect of it) since I very much enjoy his company and being able to talk to him :-) he's one of the very few people in my life who i feel understands me very well!!! there are so many things that the both of us have in common, and i find it really easy to relate to him. i think maybe our friendship/platonic dynamic is very strong!!! we get along in that way really well together :-) and I'm glad I can still spend time with him as his friend.

the pain is really strong currently since this is basically a fresh wound, but over time it will heal and close up. though i think deep down i will always love him, in some way, shape, or form. he means so incredibly much to me since he's basically been here for me non-stop for 3 years straight...he's the first person i go to talk to whenever i have something silly i wanna share, and also one of the people i talk to consistently all the time

dante if you're reading this somehow...i want you to know that i'm really sorry i didn't know how to express my feelings for you and attraction towards you well enough to reassure you :-( expressing myself has never been one of my strengths and i know it affected you, and i want to apologize for this. i'm sorry things ended the way they did. i really wish i could go back and change some things i said in the past. i had really hoped that i would end up with you, and that we would be happy together for years to come. being with you made me the happiest person ever. i enjoyed the time we spent together and i will always treasure your memory. i'm so happy i met you when i did, and that you're such a big part of my life!!! i love you and care about you very much and i always will. even though our relationship didn't work out the way we thought it would, i hope that we can stay good friends for a good long time!!! :-) i love and cherish you dearly dante. thank you for being such a caring and adoring first boyfriend <3 if you ever need anything at all i will always be waiting here with open arms.

10/8/23 - i went on a trip

I keep forgetting about this site but well. to be honest ive run out of ideas for everything in my life at the moment and any drop of motivation or creativity is hard to come by. I'm going through a brain drought at the moment. I have no idea when it will end but it feels like it'll be this way for a few more months T__T hell, I haven't even drawn anything in like. over a month.

gawd every time I come on here I write something similar at the beginning of my entries it must be so grating to read for those who actually read my blog SORRY TO THE 2 LOYAL READERS OUT THERE...it will get better I promise

a fun update now perhaps. I did go on a trip somewhere and it was pretty enjoyable :-D I stayed in south korea for a week or two and saw many epic things. #1 most epic thing I saw however was at an aquarium in busan where I got to see BATHYNOMUS DOEDERLEINII UP CLOSE IN THE REAL. MY FAVORITE DEEP SEA ISOPOD in the same genus as the infamous giant isopod :-) but these guys are much tinier and cuter looking. I was so excited hopping up and down it was a true kelpeater isopod enjoyer moment for me. I need to start uploading pics along with my blog posts but I keep forgetting LOL maybe I'll upload the pics to here later. we'll see. I also saw spotted garden eels and my gawd those are the cutest things ever to see in person. genuine noodles. adorable. plus I got to see a giant ass arapaima and a congregation of lobsters. going to an aquarium is always a fun time I want to go to another one soooooon. I didn't get to go to the aquarium in gangnam tho #pain there was really no time. too much to see.

most of all I enjoyed the convenience of everything. like you could go anywhere so efficiently because the public transport in korea is so simple to use. I never got lost ONCE!!!!! plus convenience stores my beloved. they truly live up to their name. one thing that I didn't exactly vibe with (for lack of a better term :-P) was the monotony of peoples' clothing/fashion styles out in public T__T it was all black, white, grey, beige, etc. the only colors you'd see on peoples' clothes would either be super muted or it would be the blue of their jeans. I love wearing vibrant colors when it comes to clothes, so I feel like that really clashed with the uniformity of the clothing colors and styles you'd see people wear. anyway it was just an observation I made that I found to be interesting to me :-D

I'm back home now sorting through all my things...I think for the first time in my life while on my trip I got willingly myself makeup + put it on. it's just like. face powder or whatever it is. nothing too big but maybe it's a step towards trying something new.

anyway that's all for this entry. I'd end my entry once again with a promise to come back and update but we all know that won't happen LOL...I'll see you all in a couple of months.

15/6/23 - hi everyone

hi guys I've been gone for a long ass while mostly because I've completely lost motivation to update this site. unfortunately. it feels more like a chore working on this site honestly, and I think I've expressed that before on here? not to worry though, I will try to update things every once in a while or at least keep things tidy. I'm not abandoning this site but I'm also probably not gonna actively put work into it...unless I find the motivation to. I'll come back!!! but not as often :-)

lots of things have happened since my last entry. I think the most exciting thing that's happened since my last entry is that I went to a TXT concert!!!!!! what the hell it was so fun. I recorded cat & dog on my 3ds mostly for the sillies and also to hear how the entire stadium's collective barking would fry my 3ds's microphones. if I can I'll upload the recording here maybe lol. but otherwise it was genuinely such a fun experience. tho I think my sister was the one that enjoyed it the most since she is a full out fangirl, so of course she was yelling and screaming and chanting etc. our biggest flex is that hueningkai pointed directly at us at the end of the concert while the group was saying their goodbyes. kind of silly funny!

it's now been 3 years since I've met my bf and we usually celebrate our meeting day every year in some way but. erm. I kind of forgor this year for some reason. even though I have it marked on my calendar with the biggest, most eye-catching letters. it's one of the most important days of the year to me, beside holidays, our anniversary, and my bday. but yeah it's been 3 years now since the two of us met!! it feels like we've known each other longer :-)

ALSO I finally went to the library and got a library card. I went the other day and I found a very interesting book about freshwater aquariums and fish. I'm hoping to learn more about taking care of fish and an aquarium so I can better take care of our family's pet fish. since I will finally be left with the responsibility for caring for them because of...circumstances. I have the most basic knowledge about fish care, but I want to try and learn more.

besides all of that FLIGHT RISING'S ANNIVERSARY WAS A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO and for the anniversary they released the achievements update. along with the update they added an achievement currency exchange shop and ONE OF THE NEW FAMILIARS WAS AN ISOPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you all know me and how much I love isopods. I had to get one of these guys of course + an extra one. and the funny thing is that my boyfriend had the exact same thought of "oh my god isopod" so he gifted me one since he knows I love isopods so now I have 3 of these little guys. hoping someday in the future there's an alternate color familiar of this little isopod. but besides the isopod familiar the new achievements exchange items are pretty cool, I ESPECIALLY LOVE ALL THE NEW SCENES since I've wanted some new scenes for my dragons. I also love the artist items in the exchange shop a lot. and the vistas!!! I got myself the lilypad, artist, and crystal shop vistas. I'll probably change to one of them in the future, since right now I'm using the rainbow flag vista because of course, pride month, also because I had set it to that a while ago and it goes well with my current pfp. ALSO I REALLY LIKE THE EXERCISE SET but especially the legwarmers. quite literally what I needed for my sparkledragons. I also hope they add more color variants of the exercise set since a blue set would be nice :-)

oh my fig cookie shrine has expanded quite a bit but there's still one more of the trading cards I need of them. I just need the holiday costume fig card...and then I'll have all the fig cookie cards :3 there's also this other fig cookie themed item I really want and the best way to describe it is...it's some sort of coin?? I was browsing thru ebay to see if I could find the final fig card I needed, and I came across other cookie run themed items. one of the merch items were these coin shaped things, and in the item thumbnail I could catch a glimpse of fig cookie on one of the coins. so of COURSE I have to aquire that one as well lol. and add it to my shrine :3 unfortunately there aren't many fig cookie items/merch in the world, since they're a pretty unpopular character. which is great for me since it means I don't get to see people be obnoxious about them and think to myself, "they would not fucking say/do that." but also it's kind of miserable since there's not much I can find on them. but whatever!!!!! I'm happy with what I have :-) fig is my most beloved. maybe I'll upload a pic of my shrine to here who knows.

um that's all for the bimonthly casiopea life update. I promise I'll update my site a little, maybe clean up a few broken links or rearrange some things here and there. see you all soon.

27/4/23 - my return

hi I know it's been a while...over a month since my last entry. well after 4 and a half excruciating weeks my ankle is somewhat like normal again. it hurts sometimes but I can walk around. I'm okay now. it's been one of the main reasons I've not updated anything in a while as well as every time I think about updating this site my limbs turn into jelly and I can't make myself even open up notepad++ to code anything. it feels like suuucchhh a burden to me. kind of like what happened with my and my previous site. I think that the more people who follow me + are aware of my site existing, the less I want to do stuff on here. sometimes it feels like, "well I don't really have any idea what to put on this site because I can't think of any ideas that feel good enough, if that makes sense. this is a personal site but it doesn't feel very personal to me.

funnily enough I've been updating another site of mine a looooottt more often. it's the site I use to basically just store pages I've coded to link to other places and experiment with stuff, except I have the site profile thing turned off so it feels more private in a way. I think that motivates me more to code...it feels like I'm the only person there and that I don't feel like I'm constantly being observed. but at the same time I can share the pages I make with the world, just selectively. it's really nice.

uhhmmm besides all that...honkai star rail came out of course I've been playing it a lot the past like 2 days. I think it's fun so far...it's only been 2 days so I haven't formed that much of a strong opinion on it lol but I think the story is interesting. the gameplay is fun as well, though I'm not a big fan of turn based battles since I just like to be able to run around and fight freely. but it's not bad!!!

on the topic of games. unfortunately I picked up genshin again but the silly thing is that I've only been focused on the teapot function. I LOVE decorating interior design is my passion etc. so my main motivation to run around in the world and do quests is just for remarkable chests. for furnishing blueprints. so I can decorate my house. ITS SO FUN. I will share screenshots maybe next time but I fucking love it so much.

also I have been drawing a lot lately. mostly making character designs and selling them because I need to save up for something T__T but I do enjoy drawing a lot. I just need more ideas and more practice honestly. so my art can be epic. that's it though.

13/3/23 - i broke my fucking ankle

I've had the most unpleasant past two days because, as the title suggests, I broke my ankle. While rollerskating.tldr; I ate shit so bad I fell on my ankle and broke it SAD! well theres other things.

I've never broken a bone before and let me tell you this is the most uncomfortable pain I've ever felt. Thanks to my cringefail bones snapping under me like a brittle twig -__- 1000 devils attacking my ankle

anyway I'm writing this entry from my phone. hi everyone. I hope I instantly heal within like a week I hate this so much it hurts to move -__-

7/2/23 - explodes

hi happy february. this used to be my favorite month for a while bc I love valentine's day so much (i still do) but then it got ruined for me at one point...recovering from that i love february once again. and I still love valentine's day so much I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy love themed things (and love itself!!!!!!! so nice!!!!) and the pinks + reds that come along with valentine's day themed things ^__^ so nice. I think my love for valentine's day was the reason I gave myself the name cupid...I don't use that name as much anymore but I still like it a lot!!!!

one fun thing I used to always do when I was younger was make my friends valentine's day cards. I would go all out and make mini collages on their cards and decorate with stickers and washi tape and etc. and I would make sure to personalize the cards too. I'm gonna try to do something like that this year but send the cards out through the mail. I hope they get there on time too.

SPEAKING OF VALENTINES DAY my bf's package finally arrived!!! I'm so happy it arrived on the first of february lol bc I wanted it to be a valentine's present. I got him so much stuff and I'm so happy he liked his present ^__^ I'm already planning what I want to send next I have a few things in mind...hopefully I can send an actual box next time. it might be more expensive to ship a box since he lives in a different country than me + bigger things cost more to ship. international shipping is expensive as hell. but I don't care!!!!! even if it costs me a billion dollars I will send my bf silly things.

uhhmmm so many tiny little events and details to talk about...I still need to work on making my art page and then --> commissions page. the hardest part of setting up commissions is pricing your art but maybe I'll ask for a couple opinions here and there. my art isn't god tier epic cool awesome but it's...decent in my eyes. I still have a lot to work on art-wise. with that being said I will probably add my toyhou.se and deviantart links to my profile page!!!! so people can view my art there as well. I'm also selling some ocs since I gotta save up money T__T for various things.

I got this little watermelon coinpurse thing!!! I put it on my bag :3 I carry around all my coins in there. I've also been adding and rearranging the pins and buttons on my bag. it's small but I think everything fits on it. view my bag if you wish. I reaaaallyyyy wanna get those tiny 25mm buttons so I can put em on this bag and move my bigger buttons to my backpack or something. and maybe collect more keychains to put on my bags. #1 trinket and silly item lover in the world

also I just found out theres more masayoshi takanaka albums on spotify wtf!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????? I remember like a year ago there was only one album on his spotify page now theres a bunch more. an insatiable high, alone, and can i sing? are there now I can rest peacefully. but sadly the rainbow goblins album isn't on there I love that album so much </3 anyway I'm listening to alone (album) rn and having fun yippeee

i feel like there was something else I was gonna mention but I forgor. maybe it's the fact that I'm speedrunning assignments bc they're all due this week and I haven't done any lollll...giggles...I love to waste so much time giggles twirls my hair

28/1/23 - erm hi

hi lol it's been a while since I've made an entry. not much has happened but it's been a while since I've updated my site so...

I got a new desk! it's similar to my old one but a bit longer so there's more space for me to move things around. this is especially epic because before I used to have all my things crowded on my desk, now I'm able to space things out a bit more. I've also been working on a fig cookie shrine lol it's more like a bunch of fig cookie images taped onto the wall in front of my desk, plus like one button and keychain. there's not much fig cookie merch out there because devsis loves to ignore their existence and also I don't think fig is that popular...which is epic for me because they're my little guy ever but also...sucks because they're never featured in anything -___- I am getting the fig cookie trading cards though which is a win and yes I will also put them on my wall <3 also can you believe theres 4 series of cookie soulstone keychains and not ONE of them is fig???? they even have a keychain for the cakehounds and the bear train conductor but not fig...at this point I swear they're being ignored lol. whatever though I'll make my own fig themed stuff

also sorryyyyy I haven't coded a page in like 2 weeks. my coding motivation ran out but somehow got transferred into art motivation? it's like I switch between the two every couple of weeks. today I finished 2 characters I was planning on making refs for #win. speaking of characters...I'm trying to sell a bunch of my characters since I don't use most of them and am also super broke lol. no offers on them so far but we'll see how it goes T__T and I'm also thinking of opening up commissions but I need to set that up first. still not sure how to price my art but I'll figure it out.

I ALSO FOUND MY OLD PHONE'S SD CARD and I finally found my collection of music I used to listen to when I was 13/14 giggles. 99% is 80s jpop and it was so fun listening to my little songs, there were some I hadn't listened to in like 6 years...can you even believe that? I relived a few of my middle + high school memories since I exclusively listened to 80s jpop during that time. maybe once I make a music page I'll put all my playlists on there or something. and talk about how much certain artists/bands had an impact on me etc etc etc. which I would love to talk about. there's one band in particular that reaaalllyyy influenced me today but I'll let you figure that out...it might be a little obvious...

that's all for now I don't have much else to talk about. gonna make myself recode my cats with technology page. It's more of a...collection? rather than a shrine. a collection of images of cats interacting with technology in some way. I remember receiving some cat images thru email as a contribution to my cats w/ tech collection...I think that was very silly :]


sorryyy I missed new years day but still happy new year I hope this year is kind to all of us :]

uhhmmm not much happened lately...put together the package I'm sending to my bf all that's left is to finally send it ^___^ and tomorrow's my dad's bday so I got him a silly bday card yippeee

I'm meeting my friend this friday!!! haven't seen her in MONTHS so I'm excited about that. hopefully we are getting taiyaki + ice cream together :]

that's pretty much all I have T__T uneventful past couple of days honestly

28/12/22 - I'M BACK!

hi I'm finally back from my little trip I had fun!!!!! went to florida for a few days. and it was cold as fuck there for some reason. went to a theme park you can already guess which it was. oh and I also had the best hot choco of my life wtf genuinely it was so good. I brought back a few gifts for my boyfriend + friends toooo now I just gotta give them their gifts :]

speaking of my boyfriend I've been waiting so so so patiently for its letter to arrive in the mail. he sent me a letter a few weeks ago and I'm so excited to read it!!!!!! I've also been planning out what I want to send in return and I have SO much stuff I wanna send to it ^___^ so I'm hoping I can send him a little package with all my presents

NEW YEARS IS SOON WTF. SO EVIL. I can't believe that in 2023 I turn 20 I refuse to believe it that's not possible. I feel like I'm still stuck with a 14 y/o's brain...I really feel like I have not grown past that age mentally T___T and 20 y/o feels so grown up to me. I guess it's finally hitting me that I'm actually an adult now wahwahwah whatever. okay. I'll deal with it.

I'm not a new years resolution sort of guy but my #1 goal is to not be scared of everything. because I am scared of everything like genuinely and it's so silly and SUCKS so. I wanna be able to go out by myself completely alone without feeling like I'm gonna need industrial grade horse tranquilizers before stepping out the door. no more helplessness and debilitiating fear of the world #affirming I can do things by myself without shitting my pants in terror. going outside into public spaces does not cause me so much stress #affirm #affirmation

okay enough of that. I'm gonna wish y'all an early happy new years since I'll probably forget to update my site for a week LOL. bye

19/12/22 - going on a trip

my laptop is abt to die and I am too lazy to get the charger right now so I'm gonna be quick as possible. I'm going on a trip and leaving soon sooooo I will most likely make no updates for a little bit. I will be frolicking and having fun etc.

oh also 2 days into notn I LOVE the new stuff I think the little rainbow fidget toy familiar is adorable. and I'm making it my priority rn I'm grinding in the coli as we speak to get chests. so repetitive and boring. but I need that little guy. I'm putting it on my tbh dragon ^___^

there's also the enchanted animal necklaces and I saw the raven necklace and well. purple + raven. if you know what I'm talking about. so naturally I got it and immediately put it on my fischl dragon of course!!!!!!!!! quite literally the last thing I needed for her outfit, now she has oz by her side. yippeeeeeeee <--- the brainrot is affecting me so badly

also I just spent the last hour sewing on patches onto my backpack. just like 2 big ones and one tiny one. I used to have a messenger bag last that was COVERED in little patches and buttons but it has two massive holes on the bottom which I can't really repair. so I got a new backpack with the intention of filling it with patches too!!! but now I gotta take off all the patches from my old bag and transfer them to my new one. which I haven't gotten around to doing yet...

I feel much better now I'm taking my silly little medicine and am no longer super sick. the only thing though is that I have a maaaassive headache currently. which sucks immensely. and I blame my chronic sinusitus yet again for it -_____- but no more complaining from me there's nothing to complain about when I'm feeling a billion times better!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeee!!!!

anyway thats all I have for today *thumbsup* what will tomorrow bring...who knows...

18/12/22 - hot chocolate ^__^

yes I'm currently sitting in bed with a nice cup of hot chocolate because I wanted some soooo badly and I thought it would be an excellent idea to make myself a cup of hot chocolate at 12 am. so nice

anyway I found out that I have ear issues bc I'm sick so. taking medicine for that right now -____- genuinely I have no idea why I get sick so easily...a light breeze is enough to give me the worst cold of my life. I honestly find it so silly that the tiniest most inconsequential harmless fleeting illness will have me in my bed begging for mercy it's PATHETIC. my immune system needs to get a grip!!!!!!

enough about that...I'm currently on attempt #590258 of trying to learn javascript. I swear every time I say "yeah I'm gonna start learning it" and go forth, I give up like two days later because it is so confusing to me. luckily I found a guide sort of thing that explains it to me like I'm 8 so finally some information is sticking in my head. the only thing left for me to do is apply it and practice in some way. it's still confusing but it's not as confusing as I thought it would be. and honestly learning javascript is akin to learning some sort of epic mystical wizard magic (to me. in my brain, at least) so if I manage to understand it and use my knowledge to, idk make a div appear and disappear at the click of a little button, I am basically a wizard. and the thought of being an all-powerful coding wizard is motivating me to learn so hard!!! so even though it's my millionth attempt I will try my hardest!!!!!!!!

later today notn begins but I keep thinking to myself if it started early because I go to the auction house, check the apparel tab, and it's full of like 10 pages of notn apparel. hello? either notn did start early and I'm none the wiser, or people started dumping their notn apparel on notn eve for some weird reason. and it is very weird, to me at least. okay.

oh I also found my 3ds again!!! and I am charging it currently. it reminded me that I need to finish my playthrough of yokai watch!!!! it's super fun at least except for when you get stuck in fucking DEMON TIME and get oni jumpscared and run around until you find the golden exit. absolute hell on earth.

I got stuck at the part where you accompany eddie to the museum at night and have to fight so many yokai. well unfortunately for me, my team is like level 30 while the boss you have to fight at the museum is at level 40-something. the consequence of raising my yokai watch to B grade but not going out and fighting yokai to level my team up...so I think currently in the game I was wandering around fighting quite literally any guy I came across.

at the same time I was also playing pokemon x!!! surprisingly I hadn't played the gen 6 games so I decided to get pokemon x and I think it's very fun so far. I love pokemon amie!!!! what the hell such a cute little feature. I like the minigames in pokemon amie plus the fact that the bottom screen on the 3ds displays your pokemon bouncing along with you as you walk around. AND the little decorations you can place in the pkmn amie space. so so so adorable!!!!!!!! but I promise I'm not playing pkmn x just for the amie feature lol I'm just having a lot of fun with it. and I still need to finish it so.

along with yokai watch + pkmn x I was also doing a playthrough of pkmn ultra sun. I think at this point I've played through the gen 7 storyline like 4 times and I still find it very enjoyable. It's probably the only pokemon game I am willing to play through over and over again. probably because it was offically the first pokemon game I played (besides borrowing my friend's copy of pkmn black in 3rd grade for like two days) and because I think the pokemon designs are super super epic. vikavolt + golisopod + comfey + araquanid + lurantis + kommo-o + dhelmise + mimikyu + the ultra beasts + the two legendaries + the starters ETC. are genuinely some of my favs ever. it's insane how cool the gen 7 pokemon designs are.

anyway that's all I have for today. goodnight ^___^

16/12/22 - IM SICK

I have no idea why my immune system is so shit I got sick again. and I was also sick like 2 weeks ago. back to back. it's insane. sitting here with the worst headache + stuffy nose + relentless cough I'm blaming it on my chronic sinusitis -____-

boring day today actually besides me being bedridden and ill like a sickly victorian child. I logged in to d4dj after like a week. things move so fast there. last week was the 2nd anniversary event now there's a completely different event going on. but the funny thing is that I got one of the featured 4 star cards on the first try yippeeee ^___^

night of the nocturne is in TWO DAYS I'm excited!!!!!!! been waiting for it the entire year it's the only thing I look forward to. I feel like something else is happening on the 18th but I forgor so.

that's all. bye.

14/12/22 - first entry!!!!!

if you're reading this that means I've posted the blog page!!! making this the first entry you will see upon arriving at the blog page...exciting. fun fact: you can scroll here the scrollbars are just invisible.

I'm excited to be back!!!!! I'm casiopea, I used to have a site here on neocities with the same name but after like a year I got tired of it + was pissed because every time I updated something on the site I'd see my code copy + pasted and modified on someone else's site. it happened when I introduced my stamps/graphics page and it happened twice with my about page. and yes people who steal others' code fills me with rage. If you see someone's page and you like their layout, you're free to take inspiration from them but don't blatantly steal their fucking code. I think this should be common sense??? you wouldn't take your favorite artist's artwork, trace over it, and post it as your own. that's theft! -___-

so I deleted all the pages on casiopea but left my isopod quiz up, since that seemed to be pretty popular around the site. it makes me happy to go to some completely random person's neocities, look through their quiz results, and see that they've taken my isopod quiz. so epic!!!

anyway I wanted to get away from all of that and start over so I made kelpeater! the site you're viewing currently! hopefully I have the motivation to keep this place updated but college crushes the life out of me so. I'll try my best.

thankfully I'm currently on winter break so I have all the time in the world to code and add pages to my site and keep this place updated!

anyway that's all I wanted to say thank you for visiting my site :3