casiopea's isopod

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hi I'm casiopea and I love isopods and virtual pets/adoptables, so I drew some little isopods you can display on your page! here is my collection of adoptable isopods!!! I tried to model them after my favorite genus of isopod: porcellionides. so I'm calling these guys porcellionides casiopea hehehe.

these guys were supposed to go on my old site's isopod shrine as little isopod adoptables you could put on your page, but I never ended up doing that because I completely deleted my site whoops. anyway, I'm displaying them here!

how to display them on your site

just copy + paste this code to display your isopod on your site!

here are the isopods currently available for adoption! do not hotlink! please save the image and upload it onto your site to display.
I will add more isopods eventually :P