WELCOMEEEE to my art page. I make art every once in a while (I hate drawing so much) so I will post it here to display for the entire world to see.

in terms of what I like to draw it's mostly feral characters (quadrupedal animals and creatures etc.) since it's what I have more experience in...I have been drawing feral characters for the majority of my life and it's just recently that I've attempted to draw bipedal (anthro and human[oid]) characters. which is relatively more difficult in my eyes but I guess you can see why.

also for recurring things you will see in my art...I like to use bright colors!!!!!!!! and enjoy using a silly style. I don't think I have a very defined style yet because gawd I am still trying to figure out HOW I wanna draw so...my art is all over the place. but don't worry I will get there someday *thumbsup*

anyway I hope you enjoy viewing my art page hopefully you will be able to track my improvement over time...I am trying my best ^__^

what do you use to draw?? - firealpaca & krita as my art programs. I use an xp pen tablet to draw (I don't remember which model but it's a very simple drawing tablet -- no screen) or one of those surface pro pens on my touchscreen laptop.

comms/art trades/etc?
- CLOSED ATM I need to figure out how to set those up + I need the motivation to do it and etc. but at the moment I do make adopts on my th or cs ^__^

any other art-centered social media?
- no

how do you draw ___? can you teach me to ____? art tutorial for ___?
- erm I am terrible at explaining especially art centered things (I just draw whatever the fuck without any reason to it) so don't ask me these sorts of questions T__T

why do you post art every like 3 months
- art block loves to beat me up with a metal bat. it currently has me in a death grip and is not letting go sorry. sometimes it is nice to me and lets me go for a week but it always returns so quickly I can never be at peace for too long.


click art to open in a new tab!!! I will try to keep these within certain years but I don't really care much for dating them to specific months and etc. they will also be posted in no particular order so keep that in mind too. also it's not every single piece of art I've ever made obviously, just the ones I wanna display<3

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