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hi and welcome to my site! I'm still working on stuff so expect things to be a little bit bare. this website is my house and all the different pages in here are rooms...

I update things once a century since I'm the most busy person in the world + my motivation fluctuates often.

site updates

14/1/23 added the isopod collection page where I have little isopod adopts!!! also added dropdown links menu to my homepage navigation...more to come soon

13/1/23 new profile page woooo and it should be viewable on mobile too

12/1/23 erm I was working on my profile page and was trying to make it responsive so you can view it normally on mobile but I got distracted and ended up making the homepage responsive. win for mobile users i guess. hi

10/1/23 edited the homepage a bit + added some more things to it!!! things added: mutuals site buttons, webrings, isopod collection. isopod collection is a bit of a placeholder until i make the new profile page (i'm adding my fanlistings in that box) but don't worry I'll make them a proper page sooon ^__^ profile page + enter page are next >:)

12/12/22 added more to the profile page bc I thought it was a little empty yippeeee. profile v2

11/12/22 added the profile page. originally I wanted to do a completely different layout but whatever. working on the blog page next, I already have a layout planned (and had it planned for months T___T) sooooo hopefully I can carry out that idea

10/12/22 I FIXED IT ACTUALLY i'm a dumbass. align-items: stretch I owe you my life. I keep having an issue with the neocities code editor where every time I save a css file and exit that page it automatically reverts to the file before I added the edits. like for WHYY I've been wrestling with my damn css because I added like 2 new divs to the homepage and on a 20 inch display the header completely cuts off.

9/12/22 started new site + finished homepage! wanted to start over and move elsewhere. there's a bunch of things I have to move but erm we'll see.


Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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